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Walnut Stem Glassware (Multiple Stem Colors)

  • $ 6499

A new twist to the common wine glass, this custom crafted goblet is sure to add great style to your social gathering.   The supplier's FDA-approved finish prevents the wood from imparting any flavor into your beverage, while the negligible nose on this wood goblet gets better with age. The wood also insulates, and keeps your beverage at its optimal temperature longer than a normal glass goblet. (Sold individually)

This goblet is a perfect wedding or housewarming gift.

Product Care Instructions:  Maintaining the finish is easy. Clean with a damp cloth, soap and water. Do not immerse for more than a few seconds in water or place in a dishwasher. Periodically apply mineral oil (available at drug and hardware stores) with a cloth and allow it to soak in. After 10 minutes, remove surface oil with a dry cloth. After heavy use, the surface of the boards and trays can be restored to the original finish by sanding with a fine sandpaper (220 grit). After sanding, apply mineral oil.

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