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Commercial Services

The interiors of your business speak a lot about your organization and directly impact employee performance as well as sales.  We know, it may seem strange that colors, photocopier placement, flooring, etc. can have an impact on your business, but trust does.  Let us help you ensure your brand message is clear and that your company is positioned to maximize sales. 

Below is a menu of the commercial interior services that we offer.  Contact us.  We want to help you:

    • Design consultation and research  (Click here to learn more.)
    • Project management (Click here to learn more.)
    • Branded environment design
    • Space planning
    • Selection and specification of all design elements (i.e., color, materials, finishes, furniture, fixtures, antiques, art, rugs, lighting, cabinetry, custom pieces and accessories)
    • Collaboration and partnering with specialists (i.e., graphic designers, brand strategists, architects, contractors, landscape designers, art consultants, and others) as needed.