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Residential Project Management

It is everyone's desire for a project to start and finish on-time.  As your designer, we gladly take on the project management role for you.  It involves the following three areas:

Procurement - We coordinate the selection and purchase of the furniture, fixtures, and materials that are needed for the interior of your home.   The goal in selecting these items is to ensure that the entire residence maintains a cohesive look and also captures your design preference.

Schedule - We communicate with your contractor and architect to keep track of the status of your project.  This enables us to to ensure that your furniture, fixtures, and other accessories are delivered at the right time during the project.  For example, you do not want your living room furniture delivered before the flooring has been installed. 

Budget - We keep track of all costs related to your project to ensure that they don't exceed the budget that you have set.  Costs include, but are not limited to labor, furniture, fixtures, and materials.