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Are your Home and Office Summer Ready?

Posted by Trishonda Woods on


We are a little less than a month away from the official start of Summer.  Look around your home and office.  Have you finished or even started Spring cleaning and sprucin’-up?  If so, I applaud you…Job well done.  However, for those of you who have not finished…Now is the time and I’m here to help you!  I have included a list of 17 activities to perform in the next 28 days to ensure that you are summer-ready!


  1. Paper is typically the main clutter culprit in most environments. As you get rid of clutter and are organizing, you want to make sure that you are not accumulating “new clutter”.  Therefore, from this day forward,
    1. Place a garbage can next to the door where you most often enter your home. Throw away junk mail and other unnecessary paper before you walk through the door. Documents with personal identification information such as name and address, social security numbers, account numbers, credit card offers, bills etc. should be shredded or set aside to be burned. 
    2. Sign-up for electronic billing, account, and or notices to reduce the amount of paper you have to deal with.
  2. Spend at least 10 minutes each day throwing away unnecessary paper and broken items until they are all gone.
  3. Discard expired can goods, frozen food, medication, make up, and toiletries. (Note:  Check with your local health care provider for the proper way to dispose of medication.  Some providers have designated days where they will receive expired medicine from its patients and dispose of them properly.  Generally, they are not supposed to be flushed down the toilet or tossed in the garbage.)
  4. If you have children,  get rid of toys and books that they have outgrown.  This is a great activity for your children to do if they are old enough.  You can even teach them lessons about sharing and compassion by finding a needy family to give the toys to.
  5. Sort through your clothing, shoes, and accessories. Get rid of the items you no longer wear...and yes, that includes that suit and dress you purchased two years ago that are two sizes too big.   I know the deal was too good to be true and you had grandiose plans of having your seamstress take them in.  Let…them….go.   
  6. Unused appliances, electronics, and other gadgets…you know what to do!


  1. Plain and simple…the general rule of thumb is that, “Everything should have its own place”. Work to that end.


  1. Modify window treatments to allow for the maximum amount of natural light. It is amazing the effect it will have on the vibe of a room and your overall mood.
  2. Add pops of colors through accent pillows.
  3. Change accent pieces based on your theme (coastal, floral, etc.) or spring/summer color palette.
  4. Change your bedding and linens to lighter neutrals or vibrant colors.
  5. Incorporate plants into your space. They are not only beautiful, but purify the air.
  6. Liven up your table top with fresh cut flowers and complementary dinnerware.
  7. Add colorful wall art.
  8. Add interest by creating an accent wall using removable wallpaper.
  9. Add wall mirrors, mirrored furniture and accents pieces. They will help to reflect more light in the space.
  10. Change your lamps or lampshades to lighter, neutral, or vibrant colors.
Don't let this list overwhelm you.  It is doable.  If you need a little prodding along the way, let me know.

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